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Search Engine Optimization is a way to boost your websites presence on Google, Yahoo & Bing. Each has its own specific algorithm, determining how valuable your website is to people searching the web. There are quite a few things that one can do to increase the ‘value’ that your website has including the use of webmaster tools, on site optimization of text and images, rich snippets,, off site optimization, google+, targeted PPC campaigns, meta tagging, back linking, optimized blogging & much more. You can target specific keywords that you believe your customers or clientele are searching for when they are on a search engine and modify your website around these keywords to boost your websites ranking, and if done correctly your site will appear on the first page when searched for depending on the search volume of those keywords and competitors vying for those same keywords to boost traffic. Here at Flyweb Media, we have a lot of experience in the SEO department, and we can consult with you to determine a custom SEO campaign targeted specifically for your user base.

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