Executive Offices of New York

EONY – Executive Manhattan Office Space

Executive Offices of New York is a fully SEO optimized mobile responsive website for a Real Estate company on 7th Avenue in Manhattan. “Corporations, sole practitioners and startups alike can rent furnished private office spaces in a friendly and supportive environment. Our clients use our vast host of amenities and services to run their businesses as smoothly and efficiently as …


SparkSlide – Innovative Phone Case Startup

Sparkslide.com is a mobile first, fully Ecommerce compatible website that offers Coil lighter / Beer Bottle Opener phone cases the newest Iphones & Galaxy phones. The website is equipped with a fully customizable shopping experience for both the business owner & the user. The social media shareable coupon codes bring in new clientele for SparkSlide organically while the affiliate program …

Stingray Sport – winter sports brand

StingRay Sport Products is a winter sports accessory and lifestyle brand. They sell a few winter accessories for snowboarders and skiers. We designed a mobile first, fully responsive, gorgeous Ecommerce website for them to be able to sell their product.

Stop Iran Rally Washington

Stop Iran Rally – Washington DC

Join us on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, to make our voices heard on this bad Iran deal. We are working to create broad coalition of organizations and speakers to come together against the Iran nuclear deal. Senator Ted Cruz has led the way in bringing people together on this very important issue. Join …

CampusHive – Hyperlocal Online College Network

The CampusHive landing page explains what the program is to students (hyperlocal online college blog magazine) and interested students can apply through the website. Multiple positions are offered for student internships and the website had to be engaging and fun. The website content is geared towards university students at multiple colleges anywhere in the country. The landing page is full-width …

My Kids Bronx – Wholesale department in the Bronx

We built the ‘My Kids Bronx’ website for a businessman with a storefront in the bronx. He wanted more foot traffic coming into his store and we suggested SEO for converting an online presence into quantifiable dollars in regards to the increase in foot traffic. His sales have gone up 13% on a month by month basis since we engaged …

Beyond Luxury Hair

Beyond Luxury Hair – Ecommerce Hair Products

“Beyond Luxury Hair is a New York based establishment. The name itself was solely created because of the quality and condition of our Luxurious Hair after years of testing and production runs. Our Hair can last up to a year with proper maintenance Most consider this hair to be Masterful, for both casual and formal occasions. Our company truly prides …

University Booze – Informational Archive of Alcohol Related Content

“University Booze is a hub for the most incredible alcohol related content on the internet. We compile thousands of helpful and interesting articles generated by college students on the subject of Booze! Share, Learn, Be Entertained!” Website build includes logo development & a landing page with custom illustrations.